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Gippsland and Phillip Island regional area is a vast tract of country along Victoria's eastern coastal flank, from the NSW border in the north to Western Port in the south, with high alpine mountains and large expanses of coastal flatlands. Well known for it's lush dairy and beef pastures it is also highly regarded for the quality of it's food and wine. Local food and wine events include East Gippsland 'Palate of Passions' (March) and the 'Inverloch Food & Wine Festival' (March). Also a feature is the annual 'Regional World's Longest Lunch' at Phillip Island and Bass Coast.

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Gourmet Gippsland

Author: Taste Trails

Created 26th Jul, 2014

Gippsland is probably best known for lots of green grass, cows and milk, but that is only part of the story as this gourmet trail shows. Organic juice, cider and fruit. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pickled olives. Premium varietal wines and boutique beers. Take advantage of producer restaurant and accommodation as you explore this wonderful corner of the world.